Bluebell carpets and bridleways



Glorious in the nearby Chevin Forest today.  Bluebells everywhere as well as wild garlic. In Foxcar wood the shadows cast by the fir trees in the late afternoon sun were spectacular.

There are many bridleways nearby in the Forest Park and as there are stables and grazing in the grounds of the B&B I am seriously considering the possibility of horse guests coming with their owners. Why not?

Easter surprises

imageimageimageNew arrivals

Called to assist with a difficult birth this morning. Both lambs and Mum are fine. Then the discovery of a tawny owl chick in the owl box, who is now brandishing his new ring.  A day in the country doesn’t get much better than this! There is always something wonderful to see here if you love nature.

On a different note, bookings are coming in for prime weekends now, so don’t miss your dates!



Spring has sprung on the Chevin

Spring has arrived at Pelstone Cobbles. We are waking up each morning to the delightful sight of new lambs on the green hillside. Mr and Mrs Mallard have taken up their annual position on the garden pond and there will soon be fluffy chicks paddling there. image