Guests guests and our lamb “Chevy”

We were full for the May Day bank holiday weekend.  Guests had their friends join them for dinner on Saturday night and I cooked them King scallops with Chorizo and wild garlic, followed by Moroccan spiced lamb with Greek salad, hummus and flatbreads, finished off by Limoncello ice cream with raspberries and shortbread. They  brought with them plenty of wine and had a great night.

We offer dining for guests of guests.  Useful to know if you don’t feel like cooking for your visitors who may be staying overnight with us.  Get them to treat you, or you treat them.  Either way you won’t have any washing up to do!

We seem to be very attractive to one particular lamb, who we have named Chevy (as he lives on the Chevin obvs!). He likes nothing more than a couple of lettuce leaves and a chat. Come and say hello. image image

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